"We're all consumers. Cogs in a vast machine. Let's hope we remain a vital, integral part of it all."

"The smallest things count in large amounts, given sufficient time."

Everybody knows how mirrors reflect everything backwards. Right?

They are many and they are hungry. You never needed a cat so badly!

"Ed stepped out onto the web, naked as pure energy. It's a better way of life."

Fun and games in the depths of a hostile rain forest.

"Hello mother. Hello father. Good-bye, Thaddeus."

"He's tired of the rat race, and he has a plan for a fantastic exit."

Be careful what you wish forà not all is fair in love and war.

"They're a long way from home, and their starship must rise from the ashes of a terrible conflagration."

The monkey wears a suit complete with bow-tie and wingtips. Should he open that last door?

"It's a long way to go, but hope is the fuel to fire his heart."

Grandpappy has a tall tale to tell. Are you sure you want to hear it?

"They came from a long, long way away. All they need is a toe-hold on our planet."

"Lost on a far away, frozen rock. Who will stock the freezers for the coming darkfall?"

They're rich and powerful. He's poor and unknown. They want his organs.

Looking backward into the dismal past to understand the ultimate cataclysm.

An aquatic warrior with designs of his own.

Some day we will keep sentience in a box.

A desperate mission through the depths of space. They must get out-world to survive.

"Survive as best you can, but be careful what you say."

"Unspeakably joined, mutually loathing. They are two halves of a whole."

The gift for the guy who has nothing.

Life is an endless party. That should be fun. Shouldn't it?

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