After a bone-crushing accident that takes the life of an innocent child, Christen Bass finds his world transformed for the worst. His constant companion, a bad angel points the way to salvation. But what sort of salvation is it?

Damon Blackley has a new name and a new family, but his nature remains unchanged. Older and more sophisticated, young Micah will gather his flock in Delphi, Texas. Like the Pied Piper, he will lead them into the pages of history.

He's the perfect little boy, physically speaking, but Damon Blackley has a signficant character flaw. His secret friend, Boda, guides the child in the ways of evil. This kid is on his way straight to the top!

Kendrick is a police officer. Kendrick has a special, secret friend. Together, they explore the boundaries of human depravity and horror. Make a tour of duty with Kendrick and his monster.

"With the right words at the right time, magic is possible. Paw paw knows."

"Oh, he's a bad, bad man. Now he has a mind to go to Texas."

"The Black River Valley runs through the center of Pecan Groves, Texas. Lately, it floats."

They could easily dominate the planet. Why not?

"In a smile, a frown. In laughter, sorrow."

"He comes with rain, sleek as shadows and deadly as a swirling draw."

He keeps the lawn and the landscaping at no charge. Wouldn't you like to have this neighbor?

"The start doesn't always dictate the end, but the end is certain, nonetheless."

"When they put out the 'TIRE CHAINS' signs, beware. It's not just the ice, it's the snow, too."

The house is as ancient as the evil that inhabits it.

You'll get your chance to make a final statement. Make it count.

It's his job. He's good at it. Too damned good.

Sunset over the water and the two of them standing at the center of a high bridge. One must make the hardest choice of a lifetime.

He's as loving and caring as a cactus. Be careful who you choose for a friend.

The conspiracy is vast and all-encompassing. Now they know. Will they survive it?

Don't give him up for dead. Not when he's THAT pissed off.

He has ambition and a sharp knife. What becomes of a modern day Blackbeard?

"She says she loves him. He refuses to believe her, but he's still willing to take that long step off."

Don't kill here. He'll catch you and this is Texas.

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