"Ever the calm, cool professional, he feels nothing. He is nothing."

He picked the wrong child and the wrong mother. Never piss her off.

Keeping the appointments of a lifetime. It's a living.

"Sometimes the brain gets cross-wired. What happens when everything smells really, reallyà bad?"

"He's retired and has nothing better to do. Run, daddy, run!"

His memory is photographic. It's his greatest talent. It's his detested curse.

"The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions. Well, not always."

It's a terrible debt to repay. He's choking up every last cent.

"He's a master of disguises, and he has lived nine lives. Maybe one of them was yours."

"Sometimes, goodness is the terror of evil."

He has a bad feeling about that guy. Should he do something about it?

"Dallas, Texas was once the murder capitol of the United States. He is why."

One hand washes the other when bathing in blood.

He's desperate and now he controls the airplane. One bullet makes the difference.

"He hates his job. Today, he's going to do something about it."

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