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Q: Who Is the Author?


IT/IS Professional, 1996-2005

Bioinformatics Research, 2005-


B.S., U.T., Arlington, TX, December 1996

M.S., U.H.C.L., Houston, TX, July 2005

Ph.D., U.H., Houston, TX, August 2011


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, 2001

American Society of Microbiologists, 2006

Q: How do I contact StephenHuff?

A: Via any of the routes below:


2733 Palermo; League City, TX 77573; U.S.A.


-Site Curator, Stephen Huff

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.


Q: What is StephenHuff's privacy policy?

A: StephenHuff does not exploit your private information!

StephenHuff does not use scripts, cookies or other client-side information storage protocols.

StephenHuff collects personal information only during the registration process.

Your email address is only used to distribute StephenHuff's newsletter (coming 2012), if you have voluntarily elected to receive it.

Your email address is not displayed ANYWHERE on the site.

StephenHuff stores your email address and other personal data in a database heavily secured on the site server.

StephenHuff does not distribute, sell or otherwise exploit your private data for any reason.

Your may edit your personal data, including your profile image, any time via the tools provided on your profile page (login is required).

You may delete your profile any time by making a request to the site curator via one of the methods previously described.

-Site Curator, Stephen Huff

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.


Q: What is StephenHuff's history?

A: StephenHuff started in 1999...

...as Epsilon-Softworks.com...

...then as MunkyWorks.com...

...then as StephenHuff.com...

...since 2003, the focus of the site has been publication of free software.

It all began as an effort to safely, freely distribute software without excessive cost and fuss, with a focus on the needs of both vendors and site visitors.

-Site Curator, Stephen Huff

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.


Q: Is StephenHuff safe for children?

A: Yes, with qualifications:

While StephenHuff caters to an adult, male demographic, nothing publicly unacceptable should be found here.

Site policies prohibit pornographic, drug-related and anti-social content.

Site policies prohibit distribution of malware.

Nothing should be more revealing than a bikini on a public European beach.

-Site Curator, Stephen Huff

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.


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